It’s never too late to start a new hobby, and certainly, in the case of Scottish Country Dancing, age is no barrier.

Amongst the fans of this type of Celtic dancing in Pembrokeshire are one very active member in his 90s and several in their 80s, with other members of all ages, showing the benefits of this gentle exercise for both body and brain.

There are three Scottish Country Dancing clubs in Pembrokeshire – Haverfordwest, which caters for beginners; Houghton and Robeston Wathen.

Fun, fitness and friendship

Tony Miles, the chairman of the Pembrokeshire Group of Scottish Country Dancers, said: “Those of us already involved do it for exercise and for fun - especially the fun - with fitness and friendship.

Western Telegraph: You don't have to wear a kilt to take part!You don't have to wear a kilt to take part! (Image: Pembrokeshire Group of Scottish Country Dancers)

“It is done in a very casual way, perhaps rather unlike the image people sometimes have of some more formal types of Scottish dancing.

"Scottish Country Dancing is now a worldwide phenomenon administered by the RSCDS in Edinburgh and with affiliated clubs in almost every corner of the world, including America, European countries, Russia and China.

"For the dancing itself, people dance in a groups or ‘sets’, usually of 6 or 8 people, so it is ideal for singles who do not need to attend with a partner.

How to get involved

"Most classes offer a free introductory session and the cost is only about two or three pounds per session if you wish to continue. There is no pressure to join or to continue, so why not give it a try?"

Further information is available from

Accordion accompanies

The South Wales branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society held a dance in Whitland Town Hall on Saturday, March 23

Music was provided on accordion by John Browne, an accomplished Scottish musician now living in North Wales.

The branch secretary, Alison Jackson from Cardiff, compered the evening with her usual skill and flair and a full schedule of dances kept everyone busy and gently active for a very enjoyable evening.

The dance programme was a mix of firm old favourites and some interesting new dances which were very exciting.

While most people were dressed in comfortable casual clothing, some took the opportunity to dress up, with a couple of men resplendent in their tartan kilts.