Businesses in Milford Haven say they are encouraged by a £40m investment into the Pembrokeshire town.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that HSBC UK would provide a financial package with the goal of helping Milford Haven become an outstanding destination to live in.

This includes the maintenance of Milford Haven’s port and the refinancing of the Ty Hotel – a property which has helped to attract more tourists into the area and increase the number of customers.

Western Telegraph: The Milford waterfront is one of the areas receiving investment.The Milford waterfront is one of the areas receiving investment. (Image: Newsquest)Volunteer at Milford Haven Museum, Jen Raymond, said: “It doesn’t involve us but we’re glad to see it all shining bright and coming on here. We love the development of the port and that they’ve invested the money. We got the hotel here and that gives us business.

“It brings a volume of people down here which we didn’t have before because I’ve been here the last five years, and I watched it get built and footfall has increased tremendously. So, everybody’s business thrives from that.”

Owner of The Cheesy Cow, Georgie Neal, added: “I think it’s heading in the right direction. They didn’t used to be a lot here. It would always be Haverfordwest if you wanted to go out and socialise.

“But now it is more Milford because of the Marina. And I think the work they’ve done, especially the port authority, have been really helpful for businesses like myself down here. Milford waterfront do a lot of advertising, a lot of social media. They help businesses like that.”

Western Telegraph: The Ty Hotel will be refinanced as part of the £40 million investment.The Ty Hotel will be refinanced as part of the £40 million investment. (Image: The Celtic Collection)

Owner of Image By Vanessa, Vanessa Hackett agreed: “I’ve been here for 20 years. The new hotel has been an asset to the whole town. And I think the biggest support for Milford Haven is the marina. We have people coming here now who shop and wouldn’t have come here before.

“Whatever investment they decide to bring in is always a great asset. Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful places. Ty Hotel brought life back to the town. Those who stay in the hotel also shop here.”

Owner of Scotts Sweet Shop, Scott Davis reiterated: “The £40m investment will be good for the area and will be a good boost. The [Ty] hotel has helped trade and has been a big boost for every shop near the marina.”

Owner of Pure Art, Rob Howard finalized: “Any kind of investment can only be a good thing. Since the [Ty] hotel has opened, it’s brought new people here who wouldn’t have visited before.”

However, an employee at Akamuti believes Milford Haven is not the finished product yet.

“Some shops have closed, but I think it’s because of a lack of a comprehensive sort of plan for the area that should include not only commercial businesses but also more community hubs," they said.

“All sorts of different activities. There’s not much here for kids to do so I guess after walking up and down the marina with your kids, you’re not going to stay too long.

“So, I think investment would work but if its more comprehensive and includes lots of different types of shops. Not only commercial and if it considers all sorts of people with disabilities. But it would be a plus if there’s more money invested in the area.”

Regardless, if the £40m investment goes to plan, ten new turbines will be built a month for the next 20 years, which could also help to bring new employment to Pembrokeshire.