Milford Waterfront is continuing its collaboration with Milford Haven Round Table.

Milford Waterfront is continuing with the round table as its major events partner in 2024, building on their successful partnership from last year.

The group of volunteers will receive support in organising a calendar of events throughout the year, to raise funds for good causes and bring entertainment for visitors and the community.

The Big Beer Festival on May 25, Milford Haven Carnival on July 6, and the Fireworks Extravaganza Event on November 5 are among the upcoming events.

Natalie Hunt, destination manager at Milford Waterfront said: "We are very pleased to be continuing our strong partnership with the Milford Haven Round Table.

"The events they arrange for Milford Haven are always showstoppers that bring so much fun to the area."

Meanwhile, chairman of the Milford Haven Round Table, Rob Allen said: "We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Milford Waterfront for their unwavering support of Milford Haven Round Table.

"Their commitment to community involvement enriches our events and fosters stronger connections within Milford Haven.

"We eagerly anticipate collaborating with them on future endeavours to further enhance our community together."

Information on the events at Milford Waterfront can be found at the Milford Waterfront website.