A farmers union has asked the Welsh Government to support farmers after one of the 'wettest springs.'

Amid significantly high rainfall, NFU Cymru is championing key demands to protect agricultural businesses disrupted by adverse conditions.

Records indicate this period as the second wettest eight-month timeframe in a century in Wales.

The heavy rain, 200 per cent more than the average in some areas, has put farming operations under severe strain.

The impact extends to every facet of farming, from crop sowing and cattle housing to the rigours of lambing season.

The knock-on effect is increased costs, with farmers needing to foot bills for additional feed and straw.

NFU Cymru has emphasised that perennial wet conditions underline the crucial necessity for the Welsh Government to recognise the importance of a policy that cultivates stability, especially during unpredictable periods.

The union is, therefore, calling for specific support from the government including short-term alleviations such as granting flexibility on roles related to various schemes such as Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and rural investment initiatives.

NFU Cymru is also advocating for Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to adopt a considerate approach towards on-the-ground regulatory stipulations.

To foster long-term resilience, the union insists on the speedy deployment of the £20m fund pledged by the Welsh Government.

This money, destined for farmer compliance under the Control of Agricultural Pollution Regulations, is vital.

NFU Cymru president Aled Jones said: "Farmers in all sectors are finding the incessant wet weather extremely challenging.

"Livestock businesses are seeing increased expenditure on forage due to having to keep stock housed far longer than they normally would and the conditions are less than ideal for those businesses who have been lambing and calving.

"With autumn planting impossible on many Welsh farms, arable businesses are increasingly concerned that they will not be able get any spring crops planted due to no improvement in the weather and ground conditions."

He added, "We ask Welsh Government, working with its regulator NRW, to do all it can to assist Welsh farmers at an extremely difficult time.

"It remains imperative that future policy includes a stability measure to ensure our farmers and growers can continue producing food for the nation."

The NFU Cymru president also urged farmers in need of support to utilise the services available through Welsh farming charities.