Shoppers in west Wales are being encouraged to support Tesco's fundraising efforts for The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation.

The campaign, which runs from April 22 to 28, is a collaborative effort by Tesco and the UK’s food allergy charity to raise both awareness and funds for the clinical research into food allergies.

As part of the campaign, Tesco will donate 10p from every own-brand Free From product sold in stores and online.

Patrons are also given an opportunity to round up their purchases at self-service tills throughout the week.

All contributions will be allocated to the foundation, aiding its continued research into reducing the risks and improving the management of food allergies.

The campaign aims to educate those in west Wales about the importance of food allergy comprehension and the significance of accurately identifying allergen-containing ingredients in food items.

The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation was established in 2019 by Tanya and Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, in memory of their daughter Natasha.

Natasha died after suffering a fatal allergic reaction to unlisted sesame seeds in a baguette.

Tanya Ednan-Laperouse OBE, said: "We’re thrilled that Tesco is supporting us for the fifth year running.

"Allergen awareness is so important, and money raised in previous years has helped to fund clinical research exploring the management of food allergies."

Oonagh Turnbull, head of health campaigns at Tesco, acknowledged the significant work done by Natasha’s Foundation and expressed delight in Tesco’s ability to support the cause: "There are now 175 products in our Free From range, from meals and desserts to snacks, all created with great taste but without any of the allergens."

Millions of people in the UK, compelled to navigate a world potentially perilous to them due to their food allergies, have been affected by the efforts of the foundation.

Their valuable work calls attention to the dangers that lurk in seemingly simple acts like grabbing a quick meal.

Billie Hoque, a commercial manager for a maritime security company and mother of three allergy-prone children, urged the public to support The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation and their commendable goals of making food allergies history through research and awareness.

Her family's journey with food allergies began in 2017 with eldest child Jess as he presented allergy symptoms from birth, although the family were not aware of what it was at the time.

Ms Hoque said: "Tesco’s Free From range offers my children a chance to be included in all the tasty treats other children enjoy.

"Their clear labelling on the front of the packaging is not only helpful to me but is easy enough for my seven-year-old to clearly see that a food is safe for him.

"This limits the anxiety he has around eating new foods."