There will be a protest in Haverfordwest this weekend in relation to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Palestine solidarity groups in Pembrokeshire and West Wales are organising the protest, which is scheduled to take place at Castle Square at 2pm this Saturday, April 20.

Their objective is to express strong disapproval of the continuous Israeli attacks on Gaza.

They further aim to convey a direct message to the UK government, as well as Pembrokeshire MPs Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb, demanding an immediate ceasefire and a halt to arms sales contributing to the oppression.

The organisers, referring to the Nakba - or 'catastrophe' in Arabic - explained that this term was used to describe the ongoing Israeli forces ethnic cleansing of Palestine, consequent to the displacement of around 750,000 Palestinians during 1947-49 for the formation of Israel.

What Gaza is undergoing is a more intensified phase of the ongoing Nakba, with the imminent threat of the most extensive mass ousting of Palestinians post-1948, say the organisers.

This protest aims to gather the community for a collective outcry against the alleged crimes committed by Israel and advocate the boycott of Israeli products.

One protester remarked: "It’s sickeningly hypocritical that Israel strikes nations and communities first, claims victimhood when faced with resistance, and then receives unwavering support from the U.S., the UK, and Germany!"

Another protestor expressed frustration at the inaction and complicity of the international community, stating, "Six months of relentless violence.

"Six months of Israel slaughtering innocent Palestinians.

"Six months of Israel killing over 14,000 children!

"That’s an average of around 76 children a day and what has our government done?

"Profited from arms sales, turning a blind eye to the bloodshed."

Organisers say the protest is a call to those demanding justice, accountability, and an immediate end to the bloodshed, the genocide, and the ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

A participant declared, "We will never give up.

"To dismantle apartheid, we must disrupt the everyday and refuse to be complicit in Israel’s crimes against humanity!"

Those attending are asked to join the protest at Castle Square at 2pm this Saturday.