A big top circus show that thrilled Pembrokeshire audiences two years ago is returning to Pembrokeshire this summer.

NoFit State Circus has just announced that its talented troupe will return to Haverfordwest with their show Sabotage from June 13-30.

NoFit State is not your normal circus, no sad looking animals or jaded tricks. The group thrills with a combination of circus, it is music put on by a supremely talented troupe of performers and creatives who make you marvel.

It has been described as "another full-on, boisterous, and audaciously fierce performance with the NoFit State signature style".

Western Telegraph: NoFit State's Sabotage is coming back to Pembrokeshire

“Sabotage brings a darker, grittier, and more subversive edge to our trademark large scale contemporary circus spectacular,” said NoFit State.

“Back in the big top with incredible new acts, original music, new apparatus and a more theatrical feel, Sabotage challenges the status quo.

“This is an energising, uplifting and socially relevant contemporary circus production.

“Our personal journeys bring us to this place. Our struggles, and privileges, have shaped that journey. And yet we find ourselves in the common meeting ground of the circus tent, with the common language of circus.

“Sabotage explores our separation, and our belonging. Saboteurs stand out. They stand up. They challenge the establishment. They are heard.”

Every scene of Sabotage tells a story some poignant and heart tugging and some utterly joyful.

Western Telegraph: NoFit State's Sabotage is coming back to Pembrokeshire

It was first put on in Haverfordwest Showground in April 2022 and we at the Western Telegraph were astounded by it.

“We've had a hard time keeping this a secret, but we are finally ready to fill you in,” said an announcement by NoFit State yesterday.

“Tickets for our big top show Sabotage are now on sale for Pembrokeshire, back in the place where we performed Sabotage for the first time ever back in 2022!

“Pembrokeshire, you hold a special place in our heart. Come and see how the show has developed since you first saw us.

This is the only Welsh location where No Fit State will perform Sabotage this year and an early bird offer will give spectators 20 Per cent off their tickets until midnight on May 6..

Sabotage plays in Pembrokeshire from June 13 to 30 with tickets starting at £18.

“More locations in the tour to be announced soon,” said NoFit State. “Until then, enjoy your summer in Pembrokeshire in a shiny silver Big top Tent with us.”