The Eddie Gripper Trio ended their UK and Ireland tour in Narberth on April 11, captivating the Plas Hotel audience.

The "Home" album tour, which consisted of 24 dates, began at the end of January in Worcester.

The musical journey coursed through Scotland, the Midlands, the West Country, Ireland, and culminated in Narberth.

Eddie Gripper, a promising pianist and composer known for his exceptional maturity and adaptability, spearheaded the group.

Eddie's debut album, "Home" released in March 2023, drew praise from critics who likened him to jazz giants.

His clever compositions alongside accomplished instrumental skills captivated both critics and fellow musicians.

Joining him were Ursula Harrison playing the double bass and Patrick Barrett-Donlon on drums.

Ursula's solid bass lines offer a rich, dynamic sound, and serve as the backbone of the group, facilitating their exploration of various musical terrains.

Patrick, on the other hand, amplified the trio's performance with his rhythmic expertise on the drums, cohesively blending with Gripper’s compositions.

The trio enchanted the Plas audience with a playlist from their recently released album, interspersed with a number of jazz standards.

The delicate songs, written during the lockdown, demonstrated a maturity far beyond Eddie's youthful persona.

These metrically challenging pieces coalesced with rich, graceful harmonies, resulting in provocative yet gratifying music.

Narberth Jazz's May event at the Plas Hotel will feature guitarist James Chadwick and tenor saxophonist, Dom Norcross.

On May 16, they will be joined by bassist Aidan Thorne and drummer Gethin Jones.