A musician will be performing in Pembrokeshire.

On May 3, singer-songwriter Sarah McQuaid is set to take to the stage at HaverHub in Haverfordwest as part of her UK and Ireland tour, promoting her live-in-lockdown album The St Buryan Sessions.

Born in Spain and having grown up in Chicago, Sarah moved to the UK in 2007.

Her relationship with the music began in earnest when she met fellow mum, Zoë Pollock, co-writer of a 1991 UK Top 5 single and they soon began writing songs together.

Sarah said: "I owe Zoë a massive debt of gratitude for getting me into songwriting in a serious way.

"Prior to that I’d thought of myself basically as a folksinger who happened to write an occasional song, but through working with Zoë I not only learned a hell of a lot about the craft of songwriting, but also just the fact of someone of her calibre wanting to co-write with me was what finally gave me the confidence to start focusing on my own original material."

This work led to the formation of a band named Mama and the release of an album in 2008.

Zoë also introduced Sarah to Martin Stansbury, a former bandmate who assumed the role of Sarah’s manager and sound engineer.

Sarah McQuaid will perform at HaverHub, Haverfordwest on Friday, May 3. Doors open at 7.30pm and tickets cost £12 from the venue.

The show has been made possible by Noson Allan - Night Out.