Business owners met up in Pembrokeshire recently for a special networking event.

The event, known as the Spring Pembrokeshire Four Seasons Business Lunch, aimed to foster connections among West Wales businesses.

The gathering included a talk by the director of the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, Dr Lucy Sutherland.

Coordinated by JCP Solicitors, Ashmole & Co, Thomas Carroll, and Development Bank of Wales, the networking experience took place at Tenby Golf Club.

It provided the attendees an occasion to meet with local business professionals and leaders.

During the event, Dr Sutherland offered insights into the strategy underpinning the Botanic Garden of Wales’s triumphs.

She demonstrated how the attraction brings together sciences, arts, and design to inspire and connect communities.

Georgina Walters, director and head of commercial property (West Wales) at JCP Solicitors, said: "We were delighted to welcome over 50 attendees to the Spring Pembrokeshire Four Seasons Business Lunch, as it provided an excellent opportunity to meet with others and strengthen connections in Pembrokeshire."

Ms Walters added: "These events are so valuable for making local connections and taking inspiration from how other businesses or organisations are rising to emerging challenges.

"It was thought-provoking to hear how the National Botanic Garden of Wales is adapting to ever-changing visitor expectations and policy developments, and we hope attendees found these insights helpful for their own future planning."

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