Pembrokeshire public transport improvements have benefitted from new funding by the Welsh Government.

£23.4 million will be invested in south west Wales to enhance public transport and stimulate economic growth, according to cabinet secretary for North Wales and transport, Ken Skates.

Councils were asked to present proposals for transport improvements to the Welsh Government, all targeted towards achieving the goals outlined in Wales’ Transport Strategy - Llwybr Newydd.

They cover a wide spectrum: from bettering road safety to building public EV charging infrastructure.

The funds have been allocated to various schemes including Pembrokeshire's improvements to the A487 in Newgale and substantial financial support for the Haverfordwest bus interchange.

There is also funding going towards the replacement of Black Bridge and links in Llanelli.

The primary intent is to aid local authorities with better transportation in their respective areas.

Cabinet secretary for North Wales and transport, Ken Skates said: "These grants are a substantial investment to support sustainable local economic growth, enhance public transport facilities and create and improve routes that will enable and encourage more people in Wales to walk, wheel and cycle.

"The projects are prime examples of the practical solutions we have asked local authorities to design in order to make it easier for residents to connect with their places of employment and businesses, and to do so more sustainably."

The £23.4 million funding piggybacks on allocations assigned to different phased projects in preceding years.