Tenby students have been working with youth workers to create some interesting projects.

The projects tackle challenging subjects like gender equality and male mental health.

Pupils from Ysgol Greenhill have spent the year developing crucial programmes with dedicated youth workers.

These projects have ambitiously delved into critical concerns such as gender-based violence, substance misuse and the repercussions felt by loved ones, gender equality, and men's mental health.

The trailblazing group first formed as a female cohort, initiating the innovative 'You Should Know' project.

Born from discussions regarding safety and vulnerability, the girls embarked on a comprehensive research mission, interviewing women across a diverse range of ages and professions.

They sought to understand how females felt when alone at night, using the data to create a compelling social media video that launched on White Ribbon Day, November 2023. The video was shared across the UK.

Around the same period, the youth workers coordinated with Plan International, securing a special guest from New Zealand for the same month.

Mataio Brown, co-founder of the global movement She Is Not Your Rehab, delivered a moving speech to students in years 10, 11 and sixth forms. The talk was said to have been 'emotional, heart-wrenching and a triumph with the young people,' especially the boys.

Staff commented on the way Mataio engaged with the groups and how the silence during the talk was 'deafening'.

Mataio's words resonated with the students, particularly the boys, sparking transformative change within the school community, evidenced by the number of messages sent to Mataio after the event.

Capitalising on the success of this visit, the youth initiative 'His Path, His Journey' was born.

The boys in the group had discovered a sense of purpose, instigating their own mission for the year, which included the school's endorsement of the white pledge for White Ribbon, reinforcing their commitment to preventing gender-based violence.

Both projects, 'You Should Know' and 'His Path His Journey', will continue independently, each promoting awareness and striving to create safe spaces around their chosen topics.

The girl's project aims to advance work on gender violence and safety, while the boys seek to de-stigmatise male mental health conversations through a bi-monthly 'coffee shop' chat and a podcast. Throughout these, they will be encouraging the boys to have a chat about their day, feelings or emotions.

The groups have also joined forces to create 'We Know Our Journey', a collaborative project that will launch a host of communication platforms, including a website, social media channels, and a YouTube channel later in the year.

Furthermore, the group has set its sights on significant challenges and projects throughout the year.

They intend to participate in the Pen Y Fan challenge on May 3, scaling the famous peak to raise money for men's mental health and domestic abuse charities. 20 of the students will be joined by six youth workers. They will also be taking a portable pizza oven, so they can have a pizza at the summit.

They'll also test their mettle during the Long Course Weekend in Tenby, which includes a 10K run.

Yet, the group's grandest endeavour is an overseas trip to New Zealand.

Chosen students Kiaran Sine, Jayden Allen, Millie Howells-Ball, Eva-louise Bateman, and youth workers Leah Walker (school-based youth worker) and Hannah White (substance misuse support worker) will journey to Auckland in October as part of a 16-strong group with Plan International, Her Voice (Vale of Glamorgan( and VAWDSV South Wales police lead.

The fortnight-long visit will include explorations of projects addressing victims of gender-based violence, with the group hoping to bring back fresh insights to Wales.