An Angle all-weather lifeboat was launched to locate a missing person near a Pembrokeshire refinery.

At 9:20pm on April 18, there were reports of a possible person in the water near the Valero Refinery.

The coastguard was called after an object was seen floating around 300 metres off berth number 5.

Following an investigation around the area, the lifeboat only located a white builders sack.

Angle Lifeboat RNLI posted on their Facebook page:

“Angle RNLI tasked to search for possible person in the water.

“Angle All-Weather Lifeboat was requested to launch at 9:20pm last night to reports of possible person in the water near the Valero Refinery.

“An operator on the jetty had called the Coastguard having seen an object floating in the water around 300 metres off berth number 5.

“The Lifeboat launched and made best speed to the area and swiftly began commencing a search of the area. With nothing found initially, the Lifeboat’s inflatable Y boat was launched to conduct a search of the shoreline and in and around the jetties.

“The Y boat searched the shore from the rear of berth 5 all the way down to Popton Fort, before stepping off and searching back up to the east.

Western Telegraph: A missing person was not found in the water.A missing person was not found in the water. (Image: Angle Lifeboat RNLI)

“With nothing found, the Y boat continued east up as far as Martins Haven. The All-Weather Lifeboat conducted searches in deeper water.

“During the search, just east of berth 5 on the shoreline, the Y boat crew located a white object on the shoreline. However, due to the shallow water and soft mud the Y boat was unable to get within 20 metres of the shoreline.

“With St Govan’s Coastguard Rescue Team on scene searching, members of the team were requested to walk along the shoreline from the RoRo terminal to access and investigate the object.

“After reaching the object, it was confirmed to be a large white builder’s sack sat amongst the rocks. The bag, which was dry, was unlikely to be the object spotted by the first informant.

“With this, the crew continued their search before subsequently being stood down with nothing found. The Lifeboat and her crew were stood down to return to station where she was readied for further service by 11:30pm.”