A new charity will launch this month to support the repair and maintenance costs of a 1500-year-old church.

On April 27 at 6pm, The Friends of St Tudwal’s in Llanstadwell will come together at St Tudwal’s Church in an evening filled with performances of light music and a short talk by local historian Dr Simon Hancock MBE.

The charity has been formed to ensure St Tudwal’s Church continues to serve the local community for future generations after the place of worship almost closed 14 years ago.

Western Telegraph: The charity wants to ensure St Tudwal's Church continues to serve the local community.The charity wants to ensure St Tudwal's Church continues to serve the local community. (Image: Dorothy Cox)

'The Friends of St Tudwal's' is an independently registered charity but will aim to raise money for the church building, grounds, and events.

Assistant Churchwarden Dorothy Cox said: “St Tudwal’s church has been a place of worship for more than 1500 years.

“It stands proudly on the northern bank of the Cleddau, witnessing the river traffic from before the 9th century Viking longboats, to the Sunderland flying boats of World War II, and to the 21st century Irish Ferry, and the sailing boats of all shapes and sizes using the waterway today.

“And of course, it has been the focal point for the local community from the moment the first foundations were placed on what was probably a pre-Christian religious site, right up to the present day.

“The church registers and the gravestones tell the history of the local population through the centuries.

“The ancient stone walls and simple windows give the interior a sense of peace and a stillness so rarely found in today’s busy world, a place of refuge and sanctuary both for the members of the regular congregation and the many visitors who call in on their way along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

“The church stands solid and dependable, a beacon of hope in our fast-paced, throwaway society."

At the event there will also be an unveiling of a new painting of St Tudwal’s church donated from local artist Audrey Johns, prints available to buy and free refreshments.

However, the church is open before the charity launch on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 from 2pm until 6pm with parish registers and archives available to look through.

Furthermore, on Sunday, August 28 at 6pm, a service of thanksgiving and dedication will occur with guest speaker and Bishop of St Davids, Dorrien Davies.

To help save the church, residents can become a member of The Friends of St Tudwal’s or donate to the charity.

For more information about St Tudwal’s Church, visit: St Tudwal, Llanstadwell - The Church in Wales