A memorial to Anzac soldiers will take place in Milford Haven this weekend.

The annual Anzac Day service, marking the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli, is scheduled for April 28 at 11am.

There's a significant local connection as a tragedy occurred in the region during the Second World War.

In July 1942, a Wellington bomber crashed near Milford Haven fish market, killing all six crew members - five Australians and one Englishman.

The crew were considered heroes as they were trying to avoid causing any serious damage or civilian casualties while the aircraft was in a critical condition.

The crew consisted of Sgts Keith Bradley and William Condon both from Melbourne, Edward Jennings and George Warburton from New South Wales, Kenneth Steinbach, a naturalised Australian from South Africa, and Maurice Cooke from New Bradwell, England.

The plane, with only one working engine, grazed the top of the houses and attempted to reach the water, unfortunately, it crashed into the old Ice Factory and exploded.

The Pembrokeshire Aviation Group commissioned the installation of a bronze plaque, mounted on a slate-topped brick plinth, in 1986.

The memorial is located on Hamilton Terrace, overlooking the crash site, beside the Chinese building.

The service this weekend renews the commitment to remember their brave deeds.