A Pembrokeshire RNLI crew will feature on the BBC next week.

The Little and Broad Haven crew will be on the ninth series of 'Saving Lives at Sea' on BBC Two and iPlayer.

This broadcasting event coincides with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)'s celebration of 200 years of lifesaving undertakings.

The volunteer crew will be seen on Tuesday, April 30, working alongside St. David's lifeboat during a mayday call for a capsized dinghy with three people in the water near Newgale Beach.

Helm of the crew, Andrew Thomas, stated the episode presented a great opportunity for the public to see "how our small community lifeboat station in Pembrokeshire operates."

He added: "It's unusual to have the opportunity to work alongside so many other rescue services, including a local fishing boat who responded to the mayday call."

His sentiment was echoed by Michael Bool, a volunteer on the rescue who felt the episode underscored the RNLI's importance to coastal communities and visitors. he said: "As volunteer crew we put the time and effort into training to be on call to assist others when in difficulty at sea, and this shout was a good example of why we do it."

The series was filmed over the past year, involving lifeboat crews and lifeguards with special cameras, film-makers being welcomed into their daily routines.

Episodes also feature rescue efforts from the RNLI archives and insight into the lives of the countless volunteers dedicated to saving lives at sea.

'Saving Lives at Sea' airs at 8pm on Tuesdays on BBC Two and iPlayer.