Older people in Pembrokeshire can use a special service to help prevent loneliness.

The new service titled 'Be-a-friend' – Companionship with Paws, was launched by Cariad Pet Therapy aiming to decrease loneliness in older people through visits from volunteers and their dogs.

Be-a-friend co-ordinator, Leasa Pendell, said: "We know that many older people in Pembrokeshire find themselves isolated and lonely, the consequences can be profound and far reaching in terms of mental health and wellbeing."

She says a cure can be found in the companionship of dogs, owing to their positive impact on wellbeing.

Ms Pendell asks Pembrokeshire residents to refer people who may benefit from this service.

She said: "We want to reach out to make a positive difference to older people’s lives, and are asking Pembrokeshire residents, neighbours, friends and family to refer people to us who may benefit from our new service."

The service is free to use and is funded by the Shared Prosperity Fund from Pembrokeshire County Council.

Based in Haverfordwest, those interested in the therapy are encouraged to contact the coordinator or visit their website for more details.

Alternatively, contacting the head office on 01437 723628 may provide more insight into the service.