There are plans for a green energy plant in Pembroke.

RWE seeks to develop a green hydrogen production facility to help reduce industrial carbon emissions in South Wales.

The company has started a consultation process for its ambitious initiative that will run from April 22 to May 20, 2024.

The green hydrogen prospect involves a roughly 110Mwe electrolysis production facility adjacent to Pembroke Power Station and a 1.5km pipeline running west to connect to nearby industry.

The hydrogen plant would replace fossil fuel consumption, thereby cutting down carbon emissions significantly.

The facility is expected to produce two metric tonnes of hydrogen every hour when operational.

Pembroke Net Zero Centre director, Richard Little, said: "Green hydrogen generation is further technology coming forward at RWE’s Pembroke Power Station site, forming our vision for Pembroke Net Zero Centre."

He laid out how the technology would be a key player in supporting Wales’ pathway to Net Zero.

"To secure the future of industry in South Wales, and safeguard local jobs, we need to provide clean energy alternatives, locally.

"Our proposals for Green hydrogen generation will do just that, helping to reduce CO2 emissions in local industrial activities by approximately 93,000 tonnes every year.

"We strongly encourage the community to get involved in the consultation process, to learn more about our proposals for green hydrogen technology, our wider ambitions for Pembroke Net Zero Centre, and to have their say on the proposals."

RWE's initiative complies with the UK Government's target of delivering 6 gigawatts of green hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

South Wales has been identified as a suitable location, given its rich industrial history.

The proposed plant is a part of RWE’s larger sustainability mission.

The company has outlined an ambition to be carbon neutral by 2040.

To achieve this objective, RWE will be looking at the decarbonisation current operations at the power station.

Concurrently, new low-carbon innovative technologies will be introduced, including hydrogen, battery energy storage systems, and offshore wind.

RWE’s plans for the Pembroke Net Zero Centre are expected to build on Pembrokeshire's heritage, ensuring job security, uplifting the local economy and creating new jobs to support the operation.

To share feedback, members of the community can visit the project website or contact via phone, email or post.

For more detailed conversations, private discussions have been made possible with the project team.

Enquiries and feedback coordination can be done through the phone or email information provided.