Three new men have been made freemen of Pembroke.

The ceremony was held at Pembroke Town Hall Council Chamber on April 17.

Inducted into the Gild of Freemen were Trevor Pledger, Martin John and his son Finley John.

The event was graced by the presence of Cllr Thomas Tudor, chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council, Cllr Dennis Evans, the master of the Gild of Freemen of Pembroke, alongside Cllr Aden Brinn, the mayor of Pembroke and deputy master of the Gild of Freemen.

Other attendees included mayor Elect of Pembroke Cllr Ann Mortenson, and Suzie Thomas, clerk of Pembroke Town Council.

Family members of the new Freemen along with Freemen and Burgesses of Pembroke were also present in full support of the newly admitted Freemen.

Following an opening prayer by Revd Canon Roger Jones, chaplain of the Gild of Freemen, introductions were made by the master to all the guests.

The town clerk confirmed the three claims and invited each of the new Freemen to make the customary Freeman's declaration individually.

They signed the oath and declaration as prescribed by custom and statute.

Each of the newly admitted Freemen were presented with a certificate by the chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council, Cllr Tudor, who offered his congratulations.

Cllr Tudor acknowledged the historic significance of the ceremony.

He applauded the Gild of Freemen for their commendable work and highlighted the ongoing role of the county council in the admission of Freemen.

In response, Mayor Cllr Brinn expressed the honour of conferring the Freedom in the council chamber, while extending a special welcome to Cllr Melanie Phillips, the first woman admitted as a Freeman of Pembroke.

Cllr Brinn concluded the ceremony by inviting attendees to join him for light refreshments in the mayor's parlour.

Cllr Evans then went on to thank the chairman, mayor and the town clerk for their assistance in organizing the event.

He took a moment to share an interesting historical fact that in the past, only those who were Freemen of the town could hold the office of mayor.

Cllr Melanie Phillips became the first female Freeman to hold this position when she was elected the 633rd Mayor of Pembroke in 2012.