A local lifeboat, police drones, coastguards and police officers have been tasked as part of a multi-agency search following reports of a person in the water in Haven waterway.

Angle Lifeboat was tasked as part of a multi-agency search on Tuesday, April 23, following reports of a possible person in the water off the Valero Oil Terminal (VPOT).

The all-weather lifeboat launched following a call to the coastguard from staff working on the VPOT terminal, reporting a sighting of a possible person in the water, in the vicinity of VPOT berth 3.

The lifeboat launched shortly after 3pm and made best speed to the area. Following a discussion with the staff on the jetty the crew began the search.

Alongside the Port Authority pilot vessel St David’s and the Marine Police Unit vessel M10 a comprehensive search was conducted.

The lifeboat launched its inflatable Y boat to conduct a shoreline search of the north shore around Hazelbeach, Llanstadwell and Neyland as well as the southern shore encompassing Carr Jetty, PDFT and Hobbs Point.

With the Y boat searching the shore, the lifeboat began a keyhole search from VPOT up to Llanion to cover a wider area with the flooding tide.

Dale coastguard rescue team, police officers and the police drone unit also searched the area from the shoreline.

Following around two hours of detailed searches, the lifeboat and her crew were stood down with thanks. The lifeboat returned to station and was readied for further service by 5.30pm.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday April 24, Angle’s all-weather lifeboat was tasked again at 2.33pm, this time to reports of a person on the shoreline near the Dragon LNG terminal from the port authority pilot vessel, St Davids.

What was believed to be a person was approximately 12ft up the beach behind the terminal.

The pilot vessel was unable to get close enough to confirm the sighting, so Milford Haven Coastguard HQ tasked the lifeboat to investigate.

However, as the crew was preparing to launch, the request was subsequently cancelled as staff from the terminal were able to confirm the sighting as a large plastic bag.

All crew were stood down and the call classified as a false alarm with good intent.