Students in Milford Haven will have their art work displayed at a gallery.

The Joanna Field Gallery at Torch Theatre will host an exhibition by the pupils of Milford Haven Comprehensive School from May 3 to May 23.

This marks the fourth time the gallery has provided a platform for students to showcase their art to the public.

44 students aged 15 to 16, who completed their GCSE Art last summer will be in the exhibition.

Art technician at Milford Haven Comprehensive School, Katie George, said: "The exhibition is a celebration of artwork created by the pupils in their final year and a chance to see what they have achieved."

She continued: "This will be the ninth exhibition that the school has arranged.

"We started off in Milford Town Hall and then were very excited to be able to show our annual art event in the Torch.

"This will be the fourth year showing in the Torch, which has been really fantastic as it gives us a chance to show the work of the pupils in a professional setting."

The annual art event provides an opportunity for the students to experiment with their creative skills, encouraging them to use different materials ranging from painting in watercolours and acrylics, clay work, printing, and sculpting among others.

Each student picks a theme of their choice and conducts thorough research relating to their theme.

Their art journey ends with a two-day exam that enables them to utilise all acquired skills to produce a final piece for the exhibition.

Ms George said: "They pick a theme of their choice and then work through with artist research that connects to their theme.

"They then follow with lots of experimentation using different media and materials also painting, drawing and sketching."

The art exhibition gives students the thrill of seeing their hard work displayed in a professional setting.

"It’s always exciting to tell the pupils that their final pieces will be on show in an exhibition in The Torch," commented Ms George.

She further added that witnessing their art in The Torch often evokes a "Feel Good Factor" of achievement in the students, as well as their parents and peers who visit the gallery.

To enjoy this creative spectacle by the pupils from Milford Haven Comprehensive School, visit the Torch Theatre during Box Office opening hours.