A Pembrokeshire landmark has provided intergenerational joy for a 96-year-old woman and her family.

Phyllis Sharp, resident of Cardiff, swapped her armchair for a ride on Folly Farm’s iconic ‘Chair-o-Plane’ with her great-granddaughter, Felicity, age three, creating a moment that is warming hearts far and wide.

Currently holidaying at Folly Farm’s Simba Lodge with her family, Ms Sharp relived her youth on the classic fairground ride alongside the joyous toddler.

At 96, she is likely the oldest ‘Chair-o-Plane’ rider at Folly Farm, a testament that vitality doesn't fade with age.

Western Telegraph: Phyllis and Felicity enjoyed their ridePhyllis and Felicity enjoyed their ride (Image: Katie Antippas)

Ms Sharp said: "It was such a wonderful experience to ride the ‘Chair-o-Plane’ with Fliss.

"I used to love this ride when I was her age, and it was a joy to see her enjoy it as much as I did."

The marvellous encounter between the nonagenarian and her great-granddaughter was captured by her family and has since elicited a ripple of delight beyond the boundaries of Folly Farm.

A Folly Farm spokesperson gleefully said: "We are delighted to see Phyllis and Fliss enjoying our ‘Chair-o-Plane’ ride together.

"It’s moments like these that make Folly Farm a special place for families to create memories that last a lifetime."

This memorable moment serves to remind us that no matter our age, there’s always room for excitement and a little fun.

Ms Sharp's spirited verve sends a message of inspiration echoing through Folly Farm, reverberating across generations.