A PEMBROKESHIRE man has admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine.

Simon Williams, 41, of Woodland Close in St Florence, appeared at Swansea Crown Court charged with three cocaine offences.

He was accused of possession with intent to supply cocaine on March 6 and a lesser alternative charge of cocaine possession.

Williams pleaded not guilty to each of these offences at a previous hearing, and – after the prosecution accepted these pleas – not guilty verdicts were entered.

He had previously admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine – but only on the basis that he used cocaine to alleviate a head injury and sold some to friends to fund his usage.

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The prosecution rejected this basis on the grounds that further phone evidence had been uncovered.

“It shows the defendant contacts about 20 different people,” the prosecutor told the court. “It certainly isn’t extensive supply but is more than a few friends to fund his own habit.”

Dan Griffiths, appearing for Williams, said the defendant would no longer be pursuing that basis of plea.

Williams fully admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine between March 17 last year and March 7 this year.

Mr Griffiths asked for sentencing to be adjourned to allow for Williams to get his affairs in order before an inevitable prison sentence. He said that Williams had complied with his bail conditions.

Addressing Williams, Judge Paul Thomas KC said: “I’ll put the matter back to May 17.

“You know what is going to happen then, but in the meantime I’ll give you two weeks to sort your affairs out.”