The new mayor of Tenby, postman Dai Morgan, is going into his second year in office proving he can deliver on his promises.

Last year, Cllr Morgan pledged he would work for Tenby with a ‘can do, will do’ attitude.

More community engagement and connection with the youth of the town were amongst his aims.

“And the focus will be the same again this year,” he told fellow councillors and guests at Friday’s mayor-making ceremony – which in a break from tradition, did away with the usual civic ball and three-course meal.

Western Telegraph: Cllr Morgan was praised as 'a giant of a man with a big heart'.Cllr Morgan was praised as 'a giant of a man with a big heart'. (Image: Gareth Davies Photography)

“We’ll be on the same path as last year, and on a bit of overdrive.”

Cllr Morgan, 43, admitted that holding office as mayor was ‘meant to be a year gig’.

“But the people you meet and the things you see just inspire you to keep going and try something else,” he said.

“People in this town are brilliant, and I am proud to be part of it.

“I’m really looking forward to the next 12 months.”

Cllr Morgan said he would continue to support local community organisations, with The Old Chapel being his charity of the year once again.

“We can also look forward to more free events in the town, thanks to our Community Engagement Officer, Anne Draper," he added.

The new mayor said that amongst the highlights of his first year of office was the weekend to commemorate the members of the Belgian Armed Forces who were based in Tenby during the Second World War. and the connections he had built with Greenhill School.

Cllr Sam Skyrme-Blackhall, proposing Cllr Morgan’s election as mayor, added that the Christmas lights switch-on a market was also another stand-out event

She described the mayor as ‘a giant of a man with a big heart' and added: “It’s about working for our community together, and that’s what Dai is all about,”

Cllr Charles Dale was re-appointed as deputy mayor, with Melanie Morgan as mayoress and Denise Cousins as Sergeant-at-Mace.

Presentations were made to Rev John Morgan on his retirement from the Sergeant at Arms role, which he has held for 25 years. See the presentation story here 

The mayor’s chaplain will be Rev Adrian Davies.

Appointed as Mayor’s Cadets for the coming year were Able Cadet Aidan Guymer of Tenby Sea Cadet Corps and Cadet Warrant Officer Jack Mason from 948 Haverfordwest and City of St Davids Squadron Air Training Corps.