High Street shop owners have declared ‘we’re open for business’ as they welcome support from locals.

Haverfordwest Business Circle members are keen to increase the number of shoppers on the High Street.

This comes after Pembrokeshire County Council announced their five-year plan to build a multi-storey food and beverage emporium, rooftop terrace and ‘Instagram-friendly’ bridge.

However, before the project is finished, members of Haverfordwest Business Circle want the council to make smaller changes for the community.

Marley Davis from Victoria Bookshop said: “The council could get free parking in front of county hall because they don’t use it on the weekend, or they could even put it to a pound a day on the weekend.

“Toilets are needed as well. There are none in town. I tell people to go Weatherspoon’s instead. When the multi-storey project is done there will be toilets but there aren’t any right now.”

Heidi Lewis from County Sports added: “The council are trying to do things, but they just don’t have the money. We want simple things like the bins emptied. We also want the empty buildings to be painted.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Pembrokeshire County councillors work from home which has also affected businesses on the High Street.

Chair of Haverfordwest Business Circle Sally Williams doesn’t think a new bridge is needed but she understands the potential for more business.

She said: “I don’t think we need a new bridge. But I think it might bring people into town and possibly spend more money in the High Street.”

This sentiment was echoed by Haverfordwest local Ian Osborne who said: “The proposed bridge could rejuvenate the town.”

Meanwhile, other people in town believe the ‘Instagram-friendly’ bridge is not the answer.

Nikita Waitland said: “Nowadays, a lot of it is charity shops and beauticians. We just lost Savers. The only place for lotteries is in WH Smith, Morrisons and Tesco’s. There are plans to make an Instagram-friendly bridge, but this won’t fit the town.

“It’s meant to lead to the castle, but most people hate the idea. There’s no upkeep of the current bridge in Haverfordwest.

Jane Hilton agreed: “No one wants to waste our taxpayer’s money on a new bridge. It’s costing a lot of money, especially as residents are having to pay more money to the council than before.”

“It’s a bit pointless. The money could be put in a different place. Haverfordwest is a bit of a ghost town. All there is at the moment is banks and barbers,” reiterated Blaidd Bowen.