The new general election seat of Ceredigion Preseli is expected to see a comfortable win for Plaid Cymru over Labour against a projected landslide win for Keir Starmer nationally, in what is a now a seven-way local battle for your vote.

As part of constituency changes, Pembrokeshire’s seats of Preseli Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, are now no more.

As part of the changes, bits of north Pembrokeshire – including St Davids and– are joining the new Mid and South Pembrokeshire constituency.

Other parts of the north of the county are now in the new Ceredigion Preseli constituency; areas including Fishguard, Crymych and Maenclochog joining with Ceredigion.

With a July 4 date set for the general election, the currently declared candidates for Ceredigion Preseli are: Ben Lake for Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrat Mark Williams, Welsh Labour’s Jackie Jones, Conservative Aled Thomas, Tomos Barlow for the Green Party, Connor Brincat-Lomax for Reform UK, and Taghrid Al-Mawed for the Workers Party of Britain.

Global public opinion and data company YouGov is predicting Labour’s Keir Starmer could be heading to Downing Street with a historic majority of 194 seats, a central projection of 422 Labour wins, which would be bigger than Tony Blair’s 1997 victory, and the second largest majority in British political history after Stanley Baldwin’s figure of 210 in 1924.

YouGov’s figures for the new Ceredigion Preseli seat see a comfortable Plaid Cymru win, at 42.8 per cent, with Labour second on 17.6 per cent, followed by Conservatives (11.7), Reform (8.5), Liberal Democrats (8.3), and Greens (4.9).

In her call for your vote, Welsh Labour’s Jackie Jones, said: “Fourteen years of Conservative government in Westminster has left families in Ceredigion Preseli worse off. Plaid Cymru won’t be able to provide solutions to the problems the UK faces.

“I’m campaigning for a fresh start for Ceredigion Preseli with a Labour Government. A thriving local economy, a modernised NHS, and opportunities for all, no matter your background. There is an alternative to Conservative chaos and Plaid powerlessness. A UK Labour Government, working with our Welsh Labour Government, will deliver for communities across Wales.”

Plaid Cymru’s Ben Lake said: "It is an honour to stand as the representative for the new seat of Ceredigion Preseli. It has been a privilege to serve the people of Ceredigion for the past seven years, during which I have done my utmost to fight their cause, striving every day to improve the lives of the people I am honoured to serve.

"I hope to be re-elected as your Member of Parliament on July 4, and will work tirelessly to champion the issues that matter most to you. Whether that's investing in our public services, safeguarding our NHS, or boosting our local economy for the benefit of our communities.

"I will be your champion at Westminster, and I am confident that together we can build a stronger, more sustainable, and prosperous Ceredigion Preseli to enable future generations to thrive."

Conservative hopeful Aled Thomas said: “I’m ready to continue spreading positive messages across the constituency about what has been achieved under a Conservative UK government, with getting the economy growing, the furlough scheme, gigabit internet rollout, national insurance tax cuts, legalising same sex marriage and establishing the Celtic Freeport just to name a few.

“Rural communities across our constituency need stability, and the uncertainty the Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Labour Government have inflicted on Welsh Farmers is unforgivable. As a young farmer, I feel the same pain that our rural communities feel. I will always fight for farmers and wider rural communities, and I know that the Welsh Conservatives share that same value.

“Conservatives also have a strong record in education, and now more than ever, I will be the only voice that speaks up for a generation of children in Ceredigion Preseli - where Labour’s current curriculum for Wales and the Plaid Cymru-run County Council are letting a generation of school children down.”

Liberal Democrat hopeful Mark Williams said: “Having had the privilege of representing the people of Ceredigion for over 12 years as your member of parliament, I had a proven track record of consistently fighting for our community, striving every day to improve the lives of the people I served. I will do so again if I am elected to serve as your next MP.

“On July 4, I seek your support to be elected as the member of parliament. As the choice for change and a better future, I am dedicated to addressing the issues that matter most to you. My focus will be on securing vital investments in our public services, protecting our health service, and boosting our local economy to benefit all our communities.

“I am committed to being a strong and effective voice for you in Westminster. Together, we can build a stronger, more sustainable, and vibrant Ceredigion Preseli that will enable future generations to thrive.”

Tomos Barlow said: “It’s obvious that the Conservatives are playing the anti-immigrant card. The Labour Party is not being much of an opposition. The Liberal Democrats have no specific message for Wales.  Plaid is in control of Ceredigion County Council but, despite their commitment to rural communities, we see them destroying them with their decisions to closing rural primary schools and sixth forms.

“The severe bus cuts which hurt the most vulnerable in Ceredigion and Preseli’s rural areas they simply blame on the Welsh Government, Labour led, who in turn blame the UK Government, Conservative led.

“What we need in the country is accountability and something new and inventive. As such, I’m glad to represent the Green Party in this election. With our plan to make Ceredigion and Preseli a greener place to live, we aim to improve people’s lives. We will stand by our promise to get to net Zero by 2050; in fact our policies are designed to reach that goal much sooner.”

A statement on behalf of Taghrid Al-Mawed said: “Taghrid Al-Mawed will focus on the policies that are important to the local population, such as the NHS which is being failed by the Conservatives and will continue to be sold off under Labour, our crumbling schools which have to fundraise for such things as swimming classes, and crucially in such a rural constituency, fully support our farmers by cutting back on the reliance on imported food and encouraging local food production. No farmers, no food!

“Taghrid is a Palestinian UK citizen who has chosen to make the beautiful constituency of Ceredigion Preseli her home. The ongoing genocide is desperately personal and important to her, and the Workers Party will continue to call for an end to the ongoing atrocities that the main parties are supporting. We want the UK to give the same level of support to Gaza as it currently gives Ukraine.

“The saying that there is always enough money for war and never enough for the poor will be a thing of the past under the Workers Party, we will cut our support for overseas wars and expensive follies such as Trident and plough the money we save back into the country where it is desperately needed to make sure our Welsh workers are supported and cherished once more.”

Reform UK have been contacted for statements and information on their candidate.