Plans to improve fire safety at a Pembrokeshire school have been given the go-ahead by the local authority.

Pembrokeshire County Council had applied for new fire exits, ramp and a footpath at Milford Haven School, Steynton Road, Steynton.

The proposals were supported by Milford Haven Town Council.

An officers’ report for planners stated: “The submitted application seeks planning permission for the installation of 11 new fire exits upon the west and east wing building.  The proposal would also include the provision of a new ramp, footpath and access gates to serve the new exits.

“The plans were amended during the course of the application stage, due to comments received from Building Control under the building regulations application process.  The proposed exist ramps has been made wider to comply with fire safety regulations.  The plans were further amended as the applicant requested that the proposed footpath be made slightly wider.

“The proposed development includes the installation of new fire doors, along with the creation of a path and ramp around one of the existing school buildings at the school campus.  The new fire access arrangements would be located at ground level.

"It is considered that the proposed location and scale of the proposal would not have a negative impact on the character of the site and the surrounding area.  Nor would the proposal have detrimental impact on the surrounding neighbouring properties to the south of the site, due to the existing boundary treatments between the site and the dwelling.”

The application was conditionally approved by Pembrokeshire planners; conditions including the scheme progress within five years and that two bird boxes also be installed as part of the application.