An Angle lifeboat was launched in response to an accidental alert near Haverfordwest yesterday (June 24).

The lifeboat responded to a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) activation 60 miles Southwest of St Anne’s head at 7.53pm.

The PLB was registered to a French solo sailor who had lost signal around seven hours earlier when she was south of Kilmore Quay, Ireland.

Angle Lifeboat RNLI posted on their Facebook page:

“The lifeboat launched and began making beat speed out to the last known position, with an ETA of approximately two hours.

"Due to the fact that the lifeboat would soon lose VHF reception, the Coastguard passed their search instructions shortly after.

“Due to the position of the activation, Kilmore Quay All-Weather Lifeboat and Irish Coastguard Rescue helicopter R117 were also tasked.

“The helicopter was first on scene and soon located the vessel. Following communication with the single-handed yachtsman, it was soon confirmed that he had dropped the PLB causing an accident activation.

“This information was relayed to the coastguard and all assets were subsequently stood down.

“The lifeboat and her crew were around 25 miles Southwest of St Anne’s Head when they were stood down, and following a steady passage home the boat was back on her mooring and readied for further service by 10.40pm.”