Senior Pembrokeshire councillors are to discuss a report outlining a case for the review of the organisation of schools in the county tomorrow.

A report by the Director of Education will be presented to Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet by Cabinet Member for Education and Welsh Language, Cllr Guy Woodham, at the first post-general election Cabinet meeting tomorrow, July 11.

In its capacity as a local education authority, Pembrokeshire County Council has a statutory duty to secure sufficient and suitable school places in its area. 

The report to Cabinet provides information relevant to the planning of school places in Pembrokeshire and draws conclusions about the need to reorganise its schools in order to add or remove school places during the next five to ten years, the council has said.

Members will be asked to consider the evidence in support of reviewing school organisation in the county, and recommend a way forward to full council.

The report highlights evidence relating to population decline and the impact this has on the number of surplus places, which is particularly acute in certain schools, and in certain areas. 

How the surplus places affect individual school budgets and the overall budget pressures on the council forms part of the report.

Before introducing any specific proposals for reorganisation, it is recommended that consideration is given to establishing a cross-chamber, politically-balanced working group to examine the evidence in greater detail with a view to subsequently bringing its findings back to full council.