Advanced and AS-Level results in Pembrokeshire's secondary schools have improved again from the high levels of last year and remain significantly above the national average.

An increasing number of young people are staying in Pembrokeshire schools to study A Levels and this year's entry was the highest ever in the county.

The overall Pembrokeshire pass rate at A Level was 98.9 per cent compared with the Wales national average of 97.6 per cent.

The percentage of pupils gaining an A grade in Pembrokeshire increased from last year's 24.8 per cent to 27.2 per cent this year compared to a Welsh average of 24.1 per cent.

The overall Pembrokeshire pass rate at AS-Level this year was 90.7 per cent which compares very favourably with the national average of 88.5 per cent.

The percentage of students gaining A grades was 22.5 per cent, also above the Welsh average of 18.1 per cent.

Pembrokeshire County Council Leader, Councillor John Davies, said: "We are very pleased with the overall results including the exceptional performance of some pupils. I would like to congratulate this year's students who have worked extremely hard over the last two years to achieve these excellent results.

"This success is due to the commitment, the efforts of staff in the schools and the support of their parents. I would like to thank them all and especially wish these youngsters every success in the future.

"We are delighted that so many of our talented young people have performed so well and that their education has given them a secure foundation for future success.

"Education is - and always has been - one of the County Council's top priorities. The continuous improvement in results over recent years is certainly evidence that this commitment is paying dividends".

Pembrokeshire County Council's Head of School Improvement and Inclusion, Graham Longster, commented: "Pembrokeshire's students can be proud of the fact that their results are amongst the best across Wales.

"Most students have secured their first choice places in University or college. It gives a clear indication of our continuing high standards at both A and AS levels in the eight Pembrokeshire secondary schools."

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