Pembrokeshire's round the world runner, Rosie Swale Pope, made an emotional return from her incredible 20,000 mile journey yesterday (Monday), to be given a heroine's welcome in her home town of Tenby.

In almost five years, she has forged her way through raging rivers, freezing snowdrifts and searing heat; had close encounters with a wild boar; a naked, knife-wielding Russian and monstrous mosquitoes and faced setbacks including a cancer scare, frostbitten toes and being run over by a bus.

Within 30 miles of her goal, the 61-year-old grandmother found herself on crutches after two stress fractures were found in her pelvis.

In typical Rosie fashion, she laughed off her injuries, cheerfully waving her crutches at well-wishers who gathered yesterday to cheer her from the roadside on her grand entrance into Tenby.

She made a triumphant entrance into Tudor Square, still towing her trusty trailer, Icebird, ahead of her escort of a fire engine, runners from the TROTS club and cyclists from Tenby Aces.

"I'm overwhelmed," Rosie told the crowds, "I can't believe how many of you have turned out. I feel so humble.

"There were many times on the journey when I thought I would not make it. But I did it - it was a journey of magic, and I feel like I have been born again. I feel 29 and full of beans."

Pick up tomorrow's Western Telegraph for full coverage of Rosie's return and log on later for a video.