With miles of golden sand, beautiful scenery and acres of peace and quiet, Pembrokeshire people have every right to be happy, or so you would think.

But according to a map of the happiest places in Britain, Pembrokeshire is a county deep, deep down in the dumps.

Our county came 264th happiest out of 273 areas. Or, in other words, we are the ninth most miserable folk in the UK.

Doesn't it make you proud?

The map was drawn up by the Royal Geographical Society using the British Household Panel Survey which looks at factors such as age, income, employment, health and education.

And according to those zany geographers, all that adds up to a moody Milford, miserable Marloes, melancholy Martletwy and moaning Monkton.

So, are we all a bunch of Victor Meldrews, constantly whinging our way through life?

Or, like REM, are us Pembrokeshire types really all shiny happy people?

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