The tragic accidental death of his 17-year-old brother and of a friend who took his own life, seriously affected a 40-year-old agricultural contractor who was found hanging in his hay shed.

Before he recorded a verdict of death by self-administered asphyxia on Mark Lewis Rees of Cilrath Fawr Cottage, Narberth, the Deputy Pembrokeshire Coroner Mark Layton was told he had low self-esteem and lack of confidence as a result of slight brain damage in premature childbirth.

Coroner's Officer Jeremy Davies told an inquest yesterday (Thursday) that Mr Rees gained a Diploma in Agriculture at Gelli Aur Farm College, Llandeilo, after leaving school and started work as an agricultural contractor as well as helping on the family farm at St Clears.

When his father died 25 years ago, he became a partner with his mother. He set up home in the cottage when the family farm was sold in 2002, the year his brother Daniel was killed.

He was a social drinker and, when intoxicated, suffered highs and lows. He began to drink more in the last two years and last year was referred to a clinic for treatment for depression.

He appeared happy at a family party on July 12th, and also when a friend visited him later.

He seemed drunk, his speech slurred, when he phoned a friend later that day and on July 15th was found by a neighbour hanging in the shed.

Deputy Pembrokeshire Coroner, Mark Layton, recorded a verdict of self administered asphyxiation by hanging.