Pembrokeshire has been given a double roads blow that will prevent it prospering, says the county’s Conservative AMs.

As reported below, the Welsh Assembly Government has thrown out an appeal to make the A40 Robeston Wathen by-pass a dual carriageway instead of a three-lane road.

Pembrokeshire County Council had argued, with the support of AMs Paul Davies and Angela Burns, that it was unsustainable to build a road which in all likelihood will need updating in a few years time.

But a Special Assembly Procedure Committee has ruled that it will go ahead as a three-lane road.

“This is a bitter blow to the campaign to get the A40 dualled,” said Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Mr Davies.

“The A40 is a vital artery serving our county and the busy Irish port of Fishguard and yet we are to be fobbed off with a second rate solution. It seems crazy to spend all this money on the wrong type of by-pass.”

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire AM Mrs Burns added: “I am disappointed the by-pass won’t be dual carriageway because there is clear evidence that if we can dual the A40 there will be great economic benefits.”

The improvement at Robeston Wathen was listed as one of the top 10 priority road projects in Wales which means work should start before April 2011.

However two other vital schemes for the area – the by-pass around Llandewi Velfrey and improvements to the A477 between Red Roses and St Clears are much lower down the list.

The St Clears scheme won’t start until sometime between April 2011 – 2014 and the Llandewi Velfrey project has been put on hold until after April 2014.

“The safe pavement that the residents of Llandewi Velfrey were promised in 2000 is now not in sight for at least another six years,” said Mrs Burns, who has launched a campaign to get a 20 inch wide pavement through the village widened.

“The Government says it won’t make the pavement safer as money is due to be spent on the by-pass which will make the road through the village safe – but we now know that we are at least six years away from a by-pass. Is someone going to have to die before they take notice and do something?”

The Assembly Members also point out that even this gloomy scenario could worsen.

“If you look at the small print you will notice that all these road projects are just a plan of action subject to funding being available,” said Mrs Burns.

Mr Davies added: “After many years of empty promises on these road improvements I won’t believe it’s actually happening until the first sod is cut.”