A biker gran has paid tribute to the ambulance crew who saved her life after a wasp sting left her minutes from death.

Carol Evans, a 61 year-old grandmother from Sardis suffered an anaphylactic shock and collapsed in a remote area after being stung in the face.

She and husband John were on a day out on their motorbikes when they stopped near Llandovery for lunch.

Carol took a bite of an apple which had a wasp on it and was stung on her upper lip.

The pair rode to find a chemist and stopped at a bungalow to ask for help.

Carol said: “I got off my motorcycle, told John I felt unwell and promptly collapsed.”

She added: “The treatment I received from the crew could not have been better.

“My blood pressure fell to 40 but they got my vital signs back to normal and in effect saved my life.”

John said: “The ambulance was here quickly and the crew did a great job, they were brilliant but if they hadn’t been here so quickly I don’t think she would be around.”

Ambulance technician Martin Woodley said: “We could see she was in a bad way, her lips were starting to bulge and her airway was tightening.

“We got her onto the ambulance, gave her adrenaline and there was a marvellous change, but she would have been in serious trouble if we hadn’t arrived there so quickly.”

Paramedic Dan Bryan added: “It was a very remote location and another ten minutes and it could have been too late.”

Carol added: “They did a fantastic job for us and we’re very grateful to them and to our friends, Raymond, Eleanor and Gareth Wilcox, who brought us back from hospital and even fetched my bike as well.”