A man who came back from the dead will be in Pembrokeshire this month to talk about his incredible experience.

Ian McCormack was scuba-diving in Mauritius when he was stung by deadly box jellyfish. He was taken to hospital where he was clinically dead for 15 minutes - before astounding doctors and nurses as he came back to life.

In that time, an out-of-body experience had taken him to both hell and heaven, from where he says he was given the choice by God to return to earth to tell his mother that he was dying and that he had answered her prayers by putting his faith in God."

He is now an international speaker on his experience, and last visited Pembrokeshire in 1993. "Quite a crowd turned out to listen to him, and we are hoping for an equally good response this time," said Pastor Jonathan Fiddy of Emmanuel Church, Manorbier, where Ian will speak on Wednesday, March 18th, at 7.30pm.

"Ian had no religious faith at the time, but the words of the Lord's Prayer came to him as he lay dying. It really is an incredible story, and one that he tells all over the world."

Emmanuel Church can be found off the A4139 at Manorbier, and admission to the talk is free. For more details, call 01834 871975.