Dear Editor

I support your comment column (April 22nd) to the extent that I agree that our community cannot live in a state of denial, and must reasonably embrace the 21st century.

However, some may detect in your wording a certain nimbyism among part of the Newport community. Were it that simple.

There is a deep sense of grievance that Newport is being unfairly treated in respect of planning applications, by the National Park Authority, where residents’ modest needs are turned down and grandiose schemes ‘from away’ are given the go-ahead.

Invariably these are designed as second homes, and this fact adds to the feeling of desolation that this town will become even more of a ‘holiday-only’ paradise.

It would be unwise to assume that there is any approval for the Bettws Newydd development among residents of this town. Conditioned, as they are, by the restrictions of conservation area status, many are very wary of what developers might try next – despite honeyed words from the NPA that Bettws Newydd ‘will not set a precedent’. It would seem to me that this will send a cart and horse through future planning procedures, of which a number already appear to be in the proposal stage.

The last 12 months have not been the NPA’s finest, I can only hope relationships can be brought back on a more even keel than at present.

Arthur B. Davies