"Celebrating the achievements of our Young Farmers, appreciating the hard work that goes into carving a thumbstick , admiring some amazingly well turned out livestock and buying some fresh local produce - these are all things that I look forward to doing at next week's Pembrokeshire Show," writes Angela Burns, Assembly Member for South Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen West.

"Thankfully the main portion of the show is able to occupy the hardstanding of Withybush airfield. Otherwise the show could have gone the way of this year's Brecon County Show - cancelled for the first time in 254 years.

"Instead the Pembrokeshire Show is celebrating its 50th anniversary at its airfield location.

I've loved country shows ever since I started visiting them as a child with my father and grandfather.

"They represent so much that is good about the rural way of life. A way of life that has changed dramatically in the last 20 years; and in too many ways that are not always for the better.

"We've seen the depletion of rural services and the fragmentation of communities because of such basic things as the closure of local post offices, shops and pubs.

"A big gathering like the County Show reminds everyone that there is much we should cherish and encourage about the rural way of life.

"Above all the show is a meeting place; a place to catch up with old friends and a place to celebrate the life that touches us all in some way, whether we live it, eat it or just cycle in it! Hope to see you there."

* Angela Burns will be holding an advice surgery on Wednesday August 19th at the Pembrokeshire County Show. She will be at the Welsh Conservatives stand at the showground between 10am and noon. Ring 01834 862943 to book an appointment.