A group set up to fight the proposed badger cull in north Pembrokeshire is planning a day of action tomorrow (Saturday).

Pembrokeshire against the cull (PAC) will be setting up stalls in three towns around the county.

The group, which says it has "many landowners in the proposed badger cull area" among its members, is campaigning for bovine TB eradication through cattle based measures and a badger vaccination programme.

Shoppers in Cardigan, Newport and Haverfordwest, will be informed of the Welsh Assembly’s plans — which the group says: "Will force landowners to allow contractors onto their property to trap and shoot badgers, the vast majority of them healthy."

Spokesman for PAC, Dr Adrian Stallwood, said: "We take bovine TB seriously and recognise its impact on the farming community, of which many of us are a part.

"However, the science shows that at best, a cull will do next to nothing to control bovine TB. At worst, it will exacerbate the problem.

"The experience of farmers in our group is that current cattle controls are simply not adequate and not being applied. Knowing that you have a TB outbreak is clearly distressing, but allowing infected animals to remain on the farm for up to three months before slaughter highlights official incompetence. Badgers are not the main problem."

The group has produced a leaflet backed by statements from leading scientists in the field.

They will be in outside Shire Hall in Cardigan, by Barclays Bank in Newport and in the Riverside Shopping Centre opposite in Haverfordwest from 10.30am until 3.30pm tomorrow.

For more information, contact PAC on 07827 586033, or e-mail badgers2009@hotmail.co.uk.