Dear Editor

I have written to Elin Jones, the Rural Affairs Minister, concerning the proposed badger cull, only to have my letter passed onto the vets of the TB team.

Their reply tacitly admits shortcomings in farming and veterinary practice, some of which are to be improved alongside a badger cull. The letter agrees that scientific opinion is divided regarding the causes of TB.

There will be no vaccination as previously suggested — all badgers in the designated area will be killed.

Any reduction in bovine TB following this is likely to be due to improvements in farming and veterinary practice. However, crediting success to the cull will divert attention away from previous poor practice. It could also lead to further culls and the ultimate annihilation of the badger.

Killing masses of healthy, legally protected, wild animals is not sensible and is morally unacceptable. Please reconsider.

Peter Hall