Dear Editor

I read Councillor Michael Williams’ letter regarding Bettws Newydd, with great interest.

I have been following this planning controversy from Hong Kong through the Western Telegraph and its excellent web pages. This building has certainly not been successfully assimilated into this precious landscape as Mr Williams states most have been.

I am an occasional visitor to Newport and this monster completely ruins the views from the beach. This surely cannot have been what the planners intended.

However, what I cannot understand is that Cllr Williams states in his letter that the new application will be considered against the current development plan policy framework.

But then, I spotted an advert for the new application for Bettws Newydd in your paper from the same national park where I see Cllr Williams is chairman.

This clearly states that the application does not accord with the plan in force for the area. How can this be?

I also read in your paper a report that an official of the national park was trying to persuade the Newport Town Council to change their opposition to the house. Is this normal procedure for paid planning officials in Pembrokeshire? In other walks of life it might be considered questionable, if not worse.

Why is the national park tying itself in knots about this house? There must surely be simple procedures and precedents in place for this sort of thing that should take their course without fear or favour.

Angharad Fitzwilliams
Great Winchester Street