Dinas Cross residents could be missing out on some television channels due to interference from an Irish transmitter.

Parts of the community are unable to receive channels including ITV3, ITV4 and Channel 4’s Film4, following the digital switch-over.

Locals have raised the issue with County Councillor Bob Kilmister and AM Paul Davies, and complained they are getting a second class service.

Cllr Kilmister said that some residents had changed from Freeview to Freesat, which allowed them to access all channels, but stated they should have been told this may be necessary before buying the freeview package.

He added: “Some people are really upset about this. It’s another example of people living in a rural area missing out.”

Broadcasters believe interference from Irish transmissions using the same frequencies as the Preseli transmitter may be the cause, and Mr Davies has now received letters from ITV and Channel 4.

Mr Davies said: “While I am pleased that progress is being made and the cause of the problem seems to have been identified, residents in the Dinas Cross area still experience a disproportionate broadcasting service in comparison to everyone else. I will continue to focus on this issue and will now await guidance from Ofcom for those that have been affected.”