Community spirit has won the day after the Welsh Assembly rejected Boundary Commission plans to incorporate part of Uzmaston with Haverfordwest.

In June residents of Uzmaston and Boulston called for a local referendum to decide whether the community boundary should be changed, with the majority objecting to the plans.

Now, the Welsh Assembly has ruled that Addison Close, Dunsany Park, Uzmaston Road, Style Park, Clover Park, Creamston Road and Bethany Row in Uzmaston will not be transferred to Haverfordwest.

Local county councillor, Richard Hancock, who worked closely with residents to fight the plan, said: “Many residents of the affected area opposed this proposal, and together we fought a campaign to keep the boundaries of our community as they are now. “I am delighted that this campaign has been successful, and that the end decision has taken into account the views of the residents. This is only right and fair.”

One resident, David Loosmore added: “We are very pleased and very grateful. So much is coming together in Uzmaston at the moment, it’s doing very well. To take out a big chunk of people at this time would be a slap in the face.”

The community council and Cllr Hancock were also supported by Preseli pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies and MP Stephen Crabb.

Mr Davies said “This is very promising news for the residents of these communities who have fought hard to oppose these plans.

“Earlier this year, I wrote to the Welsh Assembly to object to the plans as I felt that the proposal to transfer these areas into that of Haverfordwest would break the strong community bonds that currently exist.

“The local residents have made it clear that they felt that their communities are not part of Haverfordwest and that they should remain as they are in Uzmaston and Boulston. This is a triumph for local democracy.”