A wire that seems to have been deliberately stretched across a Pembrokeshire cycle path, threw a woman off her bike, knocking her unconscious.

Lilian Vaughan, of Douglas James Way, Haverfordwest, was thrown off her bike after hitting the hazard on a stretch of track near Johnston School.

As a result, the cyclist, who works as cabin crew for British Airways, hit the back of her head and blacked out. She also suffered a black eye, torn tendons in her left arm, and injuries to both knees.

Her partner, Dean Thomas, also fell off his bike, injuring his hip.

The couple suspect children could have been responsible for placing the wire across the path.

“We saw a group of youngsters in the playground at Johnston School just before the incident and a crowd laughing and running away afterwards,” said Lilian.

The couple are now warning other cyclists to be careful when using that stretch of path, and have reported the incident to the police.

“The police are now checking the CCTV footage,” added Lilian.

“It was an appalling thing to do, particularly as lots of children and elderly cyclists use the path.

“One in particular has had three heart attacks, and a fall like mine could have killed him.”

Lilian, who is unable to go back to work until her black eye has gone, continued: “It was a horrendous experience and I won’t be smiling on any flights for a while.”

Paul Smith, Pembrokeshire County Council’s walking, cycling and horse riding officer, said he was very concerned at the incident.

“I have talked to the woman involved and have assured her that this is an isolated incident and one which we are determined won’t happen again.

“We will be helping the police as much as possible and hope they find the culprits quickly.”