A farm labourer suspected of four murders appeared on ITV's Bullseye less than a month before he slaughtered his final two victims, a jury heard today.

The footage of John Cooper, now 66, was used 10 years later to match him with artists' impressions of the suspect, it was alleged.

Holidaymakers Peter and Gwenda Dixon were shot dead in June, 1989, as they enjoyed a last walk along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Footpath.

Mr Dixon's cashcard was used at several cashpoints in the hours after the deaths but before the bodies were found.

Swansea crown court heard how artists later created impressions of a man seen acting suspiciously close to the cash points.

Tina Marie Williams, a graphic designer with ITV, told the court how she was approached by detectives in 2009 and asked if she could match the impressions with anyone who appeared on Bullseye in May, 1989.

She said she digitised the two impressions given to her and then watched five minutes of footage from the 1989 episode, which was also played to the jury.

Cooper appeared as "John from Milford Haven" and told compere Jim Bowen his hobby was scuba diving.

He was with friend Harvey Boswell but they walked away empty handed after trying to double their money and losing.

Miss Williams produced a side on image of Cooper which, the prosecution argue, matched the impressions created by the artists.

"I scrolled through the film frame by frame and found this profile," she said.

"I made the match," she added.

One of the original images had been made after bakery worker Dionne Jane Mather had described to police a white haired man she had seen acting suspiciously by a cashpoint in Pembroke.

Cooper, of Letterston, Pembrokeshire, is accused of hijacking the Dixons, from Oxfordshire, at gun point and forcing them off the path to a secluded spot only a local man would have known about.

There, it is alleged, he sexually assaulted Mrs Dixon, aged 52, tied up both her and her husband and then killed them both with a 12 bore shotgun.

Cooper is also accused of murdering brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas, aged 58 and 56, at their home at Scoveston Manor in 1985. They had also been tied up and shot.

Cooper also faces allegations that in March 1996 he tried to rob a group of five teenagers of cash. He is alleged to have cornered them in a field near Milford Haven and threatened to shoot them before raping a 16 year old girl and sexually assaulting her friend.

Cooper denies all the charges.

The jury also heard today from holidaymaker Alfred Pember, who said he used a Natwest cashpoint in Pembroke at 4.03pm on June 29, 1989. The prosecution say Mr Dixon's cashcard was also used at the point.

He said after withdrawing cash he saw a man about three yards away wheeling a cycle. He described him as about 45 years old, five feet ten inches tall, with grey or mousey hair.

The trial continues.