IT’S not every day a craft man gets to see his work on TV.

ST Davids furniture maker Grant Sonnex had quite a shock when he noticed a leaf dining table he had designed for a manor house in Gloucestershire on the TV.

The table starred alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the final episode of the BBC series Sherlock.

The 14-seater dining table, designed for an ultra-modern manor house, played the role of the villain’s desk, showing a Streep-like ability to take on even the most demanding roles.

“I had no idea that the owner of the mansion had rented it out as a film set or that my table would become the villain’s desk,” said Grant.

“Then i started getting texts from friends saying, ‘I hope you’re watching Sherlock’.

“I’d always wanted to get my work on TV, but I never thought it would be like this.

“It’s too late for the Golden Globes, but I’m hoping there's still a chance in the best supporting surface category at the Oscars."

The table is made from ripple sycamore with rosewood inlays.