FOOD waste is a significant problem for hospitality businesses, and one Pembrokeshire firm has designed a new service to help.

Figures compiled by WRAP show that every tonne of food waste costs a business a significant sum - in some cases more than £1,800 - meaning disposing of it in landfill isn’t just harmful to the environment but bad for budgets too.

With advice from environmental adviser Green Gain and WRAP Cymru

Tom Goddard and Sons Lit is looking to grow through the addition of a commercial food waste collection service.

The firm already collects animal carcasses and is looking to expand its core business offering by developing a food waste collection from supermarkets and hotels.

Green Gain director Ashley Robb is working with Tom Goddard and Sons Ltd to identify the best way to engage an industry where 24,000 tonnes of commercial food waste is created each year throughout the county.

“Tom Goddard has a reputation for efficient collection of waste from food retailers already in Pembrokeshire,” he explained. “Collecting different food waste demands upfront investment in new vehicles, more staff, marketing and sales and then a feasibility assessment to see if the investment is worth it compared to the potential returns.

“Our role is to assess the current opportunities and needs of the hospitality sector in Pembrokeshire to highlight where Tom Goddard and Sons can grow without diversifying too far from their primary activities.”

Grant Goddard, general manager for Tom Goddard and Sons, said:

“Having the support of WRAP Cymru gives us the confidence and competitive edge to take the plunge and invest in a new service that will enhance our business offering, develop our customer base and help reduce the carbon footprint of the many hospitality companies in the area.

“The service could significantly reduce the commercial food waste that is currently landfilled, and reduce the carbon impact of food production from businesses in the region.”

“We see this as instrumental in helping reduce the region’s carbon footprint, divert a valuable resource from landfill and ultimately help Wales progress towards its target of ‘One Planet Living’,” said Ashley Robb. “At the same time, we aim to help the business flourish and diversify into new areas that sit outside its core business activities.”