A COUNTY Councillor who applied for planning permission after starting work on an extension has had his application approved.

An application for part-retrospective planning permission for Trem-Byr, a house at Fourwinds Lane, Penally, was made by Michael Evans, county councillor for Tenby South, after construction had begun on a single story extension to the rear of the building.

The application also included plans for a not-yet-built garage and summerhouse.

The local member for Penally, Cllr Jonathan Preston, gave his support to the application.

“The only thing I noted about the application is that the community council has failed to respond, which is unusual as they usually don’t like retrospective applications.

“I am happy to support it and go along with the officer’s recommendations,” he said, adding the extension made very little visual impact as it was to the rear of the house.

But Cllr Brian Hall voiced his displeasure at the application being made after work had begun on the house, adding: “I cannot understand why the neighbours have not complained before. If I was the local member my phone would be buzzing with that.”

Committee chair Cllr Jacob Williams reminded Cllr Hall that applications cannot be turned down solely for being made retrospectively.

“If [Cllr Michael Evans] receives adverse publicity because of it then all I would say is: there is no reason why it cannot be approved, but there is no reason he shouldn’t have sought planning permission in the first place,” he added.

The application was brought to the council’s Planning Committee because it was made by an elected member.

The committee voted to give the interim head of planning the power to approve the application providing no new planning issues are raised in a public consultation and subject to planning conditions.

These conditions included that a standard time limit is obeyed for the building of the new summerhouse and garage, and that the development is built to plans submitted to the council.