A PROJECT to record the memories of veterans who fought in the Battle of France is coming to Pembrokeshire, and needs former soldiers to volunteer their stories.

As a new museum celebrating the history of Franco-British relations is set to open in Ouistreham, Normandy, two researchers will travel to the UK to record the experiences of veterans who helped to liberate occupied France during the Second World War.

Tom Sellen, 25, who grew up in Maenclochog, will return home with his French colleague Florent Plana to interview veterans across the UK for the WW2 exhibit at the “Centre des Relations Franco-Britannique.”

“We want to hear their stories, more so their personal stories of what they remember of France and how people reacted to their arrival so that this new museum can have a section about the liberation,” said Tom.

The Pembrokeshire native has been living and working in France for two years as a battlefield tour company manager and hired Florent as a guide with his company.

The pair were invited by the Mayor of Ouistreham to interview British veterans for the new museum: Florent for his experience of travelling the USA interviewing WW2 veterans for a similar project, and Tom for his local knowledge of the UK.

The two will arrive in the UK on Wednesday, November 15. Tom will spend a week travelling across South and Mid Wales to interview veterans, while Florent will stay until mid-December, visiting parts of England and possibly Scotland.

The pair have a busy schedule, but are asking for any willing veterans of the Battle of France, many of who are in their 90s, to contact them and share their stories.

“This is what it is all about for us, we will even be recording in hospitals. It is potentially the last moment for them to share this,” said Tom.

The “Centre des Relations Franco-Britannique” is set to open in 2019 and is being built on Sword Beach, where the D-Day landings took place.

The museum will have exhibits on the long and often embattled history of Britain and France.

If you are interested in helping Tom and Florent with their project, or have a family member who could help, please contact: tomsellen@yahoo.co.uk