A DRIVE to get patients out of their hospital beds and into daytime clothes could help speed their recovery despite having proved unpopular, Pembrokeshire’s community health council has heard.

The national #EndPJParalysis campaign which was launched in Withybush Hospital last month was discussed at the CHC’s latest meeting on November 15.

Members of the CHC, which voices patient concerns to Hywel Dda Health Board, highlighted criticisms some patient's families had made about the commitment of finding time to bring in and wash daytime clothes as well as pyjamas.

The CHC's vice-chair Pamela Parsons asked what patients who did not have families to wash clothes for them were meant to do.

“We have a supply of clothes in A and E if people don’t have clothes. We have thought about rolling that out and making clear it is only for patients who don’t have clothes,” said Janice Cole-Williams, head of nursing at Withybush Hospital.

“Not everybody is going to be up and dressed,” she added.

“We are not saying we expect every patient to be up and dressed and out of bed but we are saying we would like every patient to have that option.”

Immobile patients can lose 2 – 5% of their muscle strength every day they are in bed.

Many patients lose the ability to carry out routine daily functions like washing, dressing, getting out of bed and walking, due to unnecessary bed rest.